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Kobus Visser

Kobus Visser


Kobus was in the compulsory military service for two years, he made the best use of his time during this period and volunteered for leadership development and this got him the achievement of the rank of an officer in his second year.  After completing the compulsory service period he started to pursue a career in finance.

He continued to go on and work for companies like KPMG, National Housing Enterprise, Pupkewitz Toyota, HSBC Securities (Namibia) and Trustco Group International.  With his broad exposure and practical experience in these various businesses he exalt as a strategist and financial advisor.

Besides being a strategist and financial advisor, Kobus’ biggest assets is to lead and motivate people.  No problem is too big and he always get into a win-win situation.

Vision, Mission & Values


To offer individual clients and businesses the relieve of taxation and bookkeeping stress. This gives businesses the option to focus their time on their customers and growing their businesses.


To offer our clients fast, focused, accurate and dedicated bookkeeping services.


Client Commitment. We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our clients’ lives

Five reasons why you should appoint us:

1.Our rates are competitive and affordable.

2.Our years of practical experience in different aspects of business, aids us in understanding your business needs better.

3.We strive on efficiency and to achieve excellence in our work at all times.

4.Your business will not bear the costly expenses of purchasing Accounting and Payroll software, as well as paying annual license fees for the software.

5.We offer a comfortable, informal, yet professional, office environment in which you can discuss your concerns and ask questions with ease. Kobus Visser Bookkeepers is an independently owned business.

fast * focused * accurate * dedicated